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Transferring the regulation of social workers to Social Work England

30 Sep 2019

Recognition of approved programmes

On Monday 2 December 2019, all HCPC approved social work and approved mental health professional (AMHP) programmes will be transferred to Social Work England. 

Social Work England will recognise these programmes (and the institutions delivering them) as approved.  This means individuals who complete approved social work programmes will continue to be eligible to for registration with Social Work England, in the same way they are currently with the HCPC. 

Those completing approved AMHP qualifications will continue to seek approval to practice with relevant local authorities in England. 

We will also transfer information to Social Work England about approved programmes that are no longer running. Individuals who hold qualifications from these programmes will still be eligible to apply for registration with Social Work England. 

Engaging with the HCPC in the lead up to transfer

The HCPC will continue to be responsible for approving and monitoring social work and AMHP programmes through to the transfer date.

If we start any approval and monitoring processes with you, we will endeavour to complete these.

If we are unable to reach a final outcome, we will pause the assessment and hand over all information relating to it to Social Work England as part of the transfer.  Social Work England have agreed they will be able to use their own processes to reach a final outcome with you in most cases.

Practically, this means we will hold approval visits and consider major changes to approved programmes up until Monday 4 November 2019, one month prior to the transfer date. 

If we feel that we may be unable to reach a final outcome with you, we will let you know as soon as possible so that you can consider how you would like to proceed. 

Annual monitoring for this academic year

We are currently in the process of assessing audits of approved providers of social work and AMHP training for the 2018–2019 academic year.  We intend to complete these assessments prior to the transfer date.

Engaging with Social Work England in the lead up to the transfer

When we are no longer able to accept new programme proposals, hold approval visits or assess major changes, we will direct you to our Social Work England colleagues who will be available to give advice and support. 

Please visit the Social Work England website to find out more about their education approach, including information regarding standards and processes, and how they will engage with you following the transfer.    

Information for your learners

You should update your learners about the change in regulation prior to the transfer. Learners who are due to complete their studies will need to understand how they go about registering with Social Work England from 2 December onwards.

You may also need to update your learning materials to reflect Social Work England’s standards.

Page updated on: 25/09/2019