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Members of the public

What is the HCPC?

We are a regulator and our role is to protect the public. By law, people must be registered with us to work in any of the 16 health and care professions we regulate.

What do we do?

  • Set standards for the professionals we regulate.
  • Publish and maintain a Register of the health and care professionals who meet these standards.
  • Monitor and approve education and training programmes so that when someone successfully completes a programme they are eligible to apply to the Register.
  • Act if there are serious concerns about an individual on our Register.

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What should I expect?

All professionals on our Register must meet our standards for their training, professional skills and behaviour. This includes treating you as an individual, being honest and putting your safety first.

What is the HCPC Register?

We maintain and publish a Register of individuals who meet our standards. Other professions, such as doctors, nurses and dentists, are regulated by separate organisations.

Raising a concern about a HCPC-registered professional

We can act if there are serious concerns about a health and care professional's practice or behaviour. We do this through our 'fitness to practise' process. If we find an individual has not met our standards, we may take action such as telling them to practise in a certain way or to carry out further training. In the most serious cases, we can stop a professional from practising.