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Invitation to tender for the provision of audio recording, transcription and additional services

Tender to be submitted by 2pm on 16 November 2022


Tarek Hussien – HCPC Procurement Manager
Deborah Oluwole – HCPC Operational Manager
184 Kennington Park Road
SE11 4BU

Email address:


The aim of the tender is to provide the HCPC with:

  • An audio recording of FTP events;
  • A verbatim record of FTP events;
  • Translation services in respect of FTP events;
  • Fully trained loggers who are able to attend hearings both virtually and in various locations within the United Kingdom;
  • Secure storage of digital and paper records of all events for a minimum of seven years, with a process for controlled disposal;
  • A very high standard of verbatim transcripts for specified events and on request;
  • Standard turnaround times for the return of completed transcripts of 3 working days, plus an expedited service for exceptional cases of 1 working day;
  • High quality customer service for booking, confirming and managing the services;
  • Reliable and efficient systems for booking services with a single consolidated invoicing system from the supplier (if more than one is appointed);
  • Regular reporting of upcoming and completed activity;
  • An evidenced system of quality assurance and development of services; and
  • Such other audio recording, transcription and additional services as may be required by other additional Councils as set out above.

Please see the document download for full information about this tender including return instructions. 

Page updated on: 11/10/2022