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Freedom of information statistics

Our Freedom of information (FOI) compliance statistics are published on a quarterly basis

The statistics are published as outlined in the Freedom of Information Code of Practice 2018, Section 8 Publication Schemes (paragraphs 8.5 and 8.6). 

2021 statistics

FOI requests Jan to
Apr to
Jul to
Oct to
Requests received 51       51
Requests closed because clarification was not provided 0       0
Requests closed because the requester withdrew the request 0       0
Requests which received a response within the statutory timescale 34       34
Requests which received a late response 4       4
Requests which required a response, but which did not receive one (i.e. failure to respond) 0       0
Requests refused on the grounds of excessive costs 2       2
Requests refused because they were vexatious or repeated 0       0
Requests for which information was provided in full 17       17
Requests for which a refusal notice was issued for all the information requested 6       6
Requests for which some information was provided, but other information was withheld or was not held by the HCPC (partial) 9       9
Requests for which all of the information was not held 5       5
Requests for which we refused to confirm or deny whether the information existed or was held 1       1
The number of requests received that have been referred for internal review 4       4
Page updated on: 14/05/2021