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Outcomes of the consultation on the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration fees


HCPC fees outcomes

At its most recent meeting, the HCPC Council agreed to proposals to increase the registration renewal fee to £80 per year.  The Council also agreed a similar level of increases to other registration fees.

The Council’s decision to increase the fees was carefully considered and followed an in-depth analysis of the responses to the fees consultation which closed recently.

Marc Seale, Chief Executive and Registrar commented;
“We are very aware of the concerns raised by registrants about these increases and of the economic context in which we operate.  For this reason, we have consciously managed our costs as efficiently as we can whilst striving to improve our effectiveness. 

"The fees we charge pay for all our operating costs.  However, these fees have not increased since 2009 despite rising costs. We have worked hard to limit the increases as much as possible, but it is crucial that we have sufficient funds to continue to operate efficiently and effectively in protecting the public.

"The new fee structure still means we have the lowest renewal fee of all the regulators overseen by the Professional Standards Authority.  It also allows us to manage increases in costs in an incremental way, preventing financial difficulties which might otherwise lead to substantial unplanned increases to the fees.”

Subject to parliamentary approval, the new registration fee structure will come into effect on 1 April 2014.  
A full summary of the responses to the consultation is available on our website at

The report contains an analysis of the responses we received as well as our comments and decisions. We also have answers to a series of ‘frequently asked questions’ about the revised registration fees at


Notes to Editors:

1. Below is summary of the fees to see the comprehensive list of the fee increases please click here.

• The renewal / registration fee will increase to £80 per year.
• The scrutiny fee for applications for applicants from approved programmes will increase to £56.
• The readmission fee will increase to £200. This fee includes the first year of registration.
• The restoration fee will increase to £200. This fee includes the first year of registration.
• The scrutiny fee for international and EEA applications will increase to £440. Where an application is successful, the registration fee is also payable.
• The scrutiny fee for grandparenting applications will increase to £440. Where an application is successful, the registration fee is also payable.
2. Profession renewal dates:

Existing registrants will pay the renewal fee from their next renewal after 1 April 2014. This means that the new fee will be charged to registrants whose professions enter their renewal period after this date.

Profession     Renewal period starts and new renewal
fee applies

Dietitians      April 2014
Hearing aid dispensers    May 2014
Chiropodists / podiatrists    May 2014
Social workers in England    September 2014
Operating department practitioners  September 2014
Practitioner psychologists    March 2015
Orthoptists      June 2015
Paramedics      June 2015
Clinical scientists     July 2015
Prosthetists / orthotists    July 2015
Speech and language therapists   July 2015
Occupational therapists    August 2015
Biomedical scientists   September 2015
Radiographers    December 2015
Physiotherapists     February 2016
Arts therapists    March 2016

3. All media enquiries to Press office on 020 7840 9806 or email
4. The Health and Care Professions Council is an independent regulator set up by the Health and Social Work Professions Order 2001. The HCPC keeps a register for 16 different health and care professions and only registers people who meet the standards it sets for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health. The HCPC will take action against professionals who do not meet these standards or who use a protected title illegally.
5. The HCPC currently regulates the following 16 professions. Each of these professions has one or more ‘protected titles’. Anyone who uses one of these titles must register with the HCPC. To see the full list of protected titles please see
• Arts therapists
• Biomedical scientists
• Chiropodists / podiatrists
• Clinical scientists
• Dietitians
• Hearing aid dispensers
• Occupational therapists
• Operating department practitioners
• Orthoptists
• Paramedics
• Physiotherapists
• Practitioner psychologists
• Prosthetists / orthotists
• Radiographers
• Social workers in England
• Speech and language therapists

Ebony Gayle
020 7840 9806

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