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Reporting concerns

View the scenario by watching the video. Midway through you will have the option to pause and discuss what Ravi should do in the scenario.

Video case study

Our guidance

For context, our student guidance says:

Manage risk
"You should make sure that you take all appropriate steps to limit the risk of harm to service users, carers and others."

Report concerns about safety
"If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of service users, carers or others, you should speak to an appropriate member of staff at your education provider or practice placement provider promptly."

"You should put the safety and wellbeing of service users before any personal concerns, for example, about assessments, marks, other work related to your programme, employment prospects or other personal gain."

We expect students to put the safety and wellbeing of their service users before any personal concerns.

If a student feels that a service user is at risk of harm they need to take appropriate action.

This can include raising the concern with a supervisor, practice educator or more senior colleague.

We recognise that students may not be able to intervene directly in such situations but they still need to act responsibly.

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Page updated on: 30/09/2020