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Number of registered Albanian trained Social Workers - May 2016

Thank you for your email in which you asked for information about Albanian trained social workers, which was received on 18 May 2016. Your request has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

Please see below our response to your questions.

1. How many Albanian trained social workers are registered with you?

2. What qualifications do they have in Albanian and English?

3. What is the length of study involved in the qualifications and how many have six month/ four year/three year etc qualifications?

The HCPC does not have any Albanian or Yugoslavian trained social workers on the register. There is one UK route Albanian on the register of social workers (in England), therefore they would have been trained in the UK.

4.  How many Albanian applicants have you rejected and what was the length and name of their qualifications?

We have searched the records held of rejected social worker applications and do not have any from individuals of Albanian nationality.