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Number of registrants who consider themselves disabled - May 2015

Thank you for your request for information regarding disabled registrants. This request is being handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We ask applicants to complete an equality and diversity form, but people do not have to complete the form. The form includes questions about things like a person's age, gender and ethnic origin. It also asks if the applicant considers themselves to have a disability. People do not have to answer this question. If they do answer it, they do not have to give details of their disability. The equality and diversity form does not have the applicant's name on it. The form is kept separately from a person's application. It is not possible to provide information on how many people with disabilities were registered.

Out of the 3075 people who answered the question about disability,  66 applicants said that they had a disability. We do not hold statistics on how many applicants went on to work in NHS or private settings. 271 Biomedical scientists filled out the form. of this number 2 indicated that they had a disability.