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The importance of mental health and your wellbeing

22 May 2020

This week marks the 19th Mental Health Awareness Week led by the Mental Health Foundation. With the week coming to a close we want to remind health and care professionals how important it is to look after yourself, particularly during these tough times.

This year’s theme is kindness, and one thing we have seen all over the world during COVID-19 is that kindness can prevail. As well as your service users and colleagues, be kind to yourself and look after your mental wellbeing.

We have created some tips and guidance to help you, for example our blog on protecting your wellbeing, written by Kellie Green, HCPC’s Professionalism and Upstream Regulation Lead.

You can also visit the Your health and wellbeing section of our website where all of our wellbeing resources are in one place. We hope this will provide you with helpful advice and tips on how to maintain mental wellbeing during this time, and how in particular to manage stress and develop resilience. You will also find contact details of a few mental health services, both within the NHS and other charities, who can support you. 

Kellie has recorded a short video message of support and thanks to all health and care professionals and highlights how it is important to look after yourself and one another.

Page updated on: 22/05/2020