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Keeping your standards relevant

01 Oct 2019

It’s important that our standards reflect the expectations of a modern day health service and the real lived-in context you work in

They need to remain fit for purpose.

Our standards of proficiency are unique and bespoke to your profession, so it is really important that when we update them we do this in partnership with registrants in your profession, employers and the professional body which represents you. You and they are best qualified to comment on what is necessary for safe and effective practice.

Over the last few months we have invited stakeholders to comment on our standards via an online survey or email and then held workshops to discuss the findings in more detail. We have also been meeting with professional bodies individually to discuss any recent developments within their profession which might be relevant to the standards of proficiency.

We are pleased to say that the workshops were attended by just under fifty representatives from professional bodies; NHS employers; Allied Health Professional leads and advisors; education providers; public bodies; unions and other regulators. 

At the workshops we discussed the five themes prominent in survey feedback:

  • equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • person-centred care and the role of the service user;
  • maintaining health;
  • the role of professional responsibility and leadership; and
  • language use.

Over the coming months we will use the feedback we have received to produce new draft standards. We will then check in directly with you, via a formal consultation, that you agree with our revisions and to give you an opportunity to highlight to us other areas of feedback. We anticipate that this will take place during the first half of 2020.

However, if you would like to comment now on the current standards to feed into our developing thinking, please contact our Policy team.

Page updated on: 01/10/2019