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The HCPC launches its Corporate Plan 2023-2024

10 May 2023

The HCPC has published its Corporate Plan for 2023-2024.

Our work in 2023-2024 is aligned to three key themes which support our primary purpose of protecting the public:

  1. improving the experience of registrants and others who engage with the HCPC;
  2. contributing to sector-wide workforce planning and resilience;
  3. driving forward efficiencies and innovation in how we work.

This Corporate Plan is rooted in the objectives set out in the HCPC’s Corporate Strategy 2021-2026.

Andrew Smith, Interim Deputy Chief Executive & Registrar, commented:

“We are now entering the third year of our five-year Corporate Strategy. This is an important year of transition for the HCPC, as well as the health and care sector. Whilst many of the obstacles from the pandemic have been overcome, we are still learning to live with Covid-19 and its consequences, and many challenges lie ahead including workforce planning and tackling backlogs for patients and service users.

“We have achieved 80% of the project milestones from last year’s plan, and this year we’re focused on building on those successes. We have made important advances in streamlining and improving our fitness to practise process, advancing our online services, improving user experience of our registration services, and sharing our data to benefit the wider health and care system.

“Our work and common purpose of public protection could not be achieved without the hard work and dedication of the HCPC team. I look forward to working with my HCPC colleagues and our stakeholders this year to deliver this plan, and ensure that the public can access high quality care safely and with confidence.”
Page updated on: 10/05/2023