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HCPC welcomes PSA publication: “Ethics in extraordinary times: practitioner experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic”

21 Jun 2021

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care has published ‘Ethics in extraordinary times: practitioner experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic’.

This report explores the ethical experiences of practitioners working in health and social care professions and was commissioned by the Authority from Professor Deborah Bowman.

Naomi Nicholson, Executive Director of Professional Practice and Insight, comments on the report:

“This is important, insightful and moving research, looking in detail at the ethical experiences of professionals during the pandemic. As a regulator, the last 15 months have seen rapid developments to ways of working, and we have regularly heard from our registrants about the challenges they have faced and the innovations they have made, in order to better protect patients and service users. 

“We have published extensive materials in our COVID-19 hub to help registrants understand how to apply our standards during the pandemic and provided regular communications on important issues, such as who can administer vaccines. We want to ensure that they see us a source of advice and guidance, during these extraordinary times. One of our core values is to be a compassionate regulator and we will continue to provide the necessary information and support to our registrants, during the pandemic and beyond. We look forward to working more with Professor Bowman, to build on these findings for the benefit of HCPC registrants.”

Read the full report here

Page updated on: 21/06/2021