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HCPC responds to the publication of the PSA’s 'Learning from Covid-19' report

15 Apr 2021

The Professional Standards Authority has today published a report on the actions taken by regulators in the first phase of the pandemic, entitled Learning from Covid-19.

Through case studies and interviews with key stakeholders, the report identifies the new ways of working introduced by regulators. It highlights where there is potential for changes in practice to become the new normal, and where further planning, research and discussion is needed. HCPC contributed four case studies to the report.

John Barwick, Chief Executive and Registrar at HCPC comments:

HCPC welcomes the publication of Learning from Covid-19 from the Professional Standards Authority. The report highlights the lessons learnt by regulators, including increased collaboration and adoption of technology, and how we have adapted to support registrants and protect the public through the rapid development and implementation of these new ways of working.

Over the past year many HCPC registrants have adapted the way they work in response to COVID-19, bringing improvements to day-to-day practice. To showcase this, we contributed several case studies to the PSA’s report including maintaining registration business as usual processing activity, Fitness to Practise case progression plans and virtual course monitoring visits. This is an important moment for healthcare regulators to ensure we take forward the lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic so that our regulatory processes support the development of services, enable high quality practice and remove unnecessary burdens or hurdles.
Learning from Covid-19: a case-study review
Page updated on: 15/04/2021