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HCPC responds to roll out of COVID-19 vaccine

08 Dec 2020

John Barwick, Chief Executive and Registrar, HCPC:

“We welcome the news that the roll out of a COVID-19 vaccine will begin this week. We are pleased to see that some of the most vulnerable in society, and some of the health and care professionals who have contributed so much during the crisis, will be among the first to receive the vaccine.

“This is a good first step, but there is still a way to go. Rolling the vaccine out in hospitals will only reach so many people, and we encourage the Government to look at the best ways to make use of health and care professionals already able to administer vaccines. This includes many of the HCPC’s Registrants, who are able to administer prescription-only medicines, either through Independent Prescribing rights or Patient Group Directions. Using these professionals will help ensure that the vaccine reaches as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

“We also believe that health and care professionals, beyond core NHS staff, should be among the first to receive the vaccine in the next phase. These professionals often work in close contact with extremely vulnerable people, and we need to make it as safe as possible for them to continue to do so.  We hope that this will be considered, and we look forward to receiving further information on the Government’s plans.” 

Page updated on: 08/12/2020