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HCPC outlines position on the regulation of sonographers

19 Nov 2020

Responding to the BBC news piece earlier today, John Barwick, Chief Executive outlines HCPC's position on the regulation of sonographers:

“The HCPC does not currently regulate sonographers, as a profession or protected title. However, we do regulate Radiographers, of which a number work in the NHS and other health and care service providers as sonographers.

“We regularly work with professional bodies, the Professional Standards Authority and the Department of Health and Social Care to understand whether it is appropriate for additional professions to be regulated by us. This has previously included working with the Society and College of Radiographers on the statutory regulation of sonographers.

“We believe that the statutory regulation of sonographers could address urgent workforce issues, by developing new training programmes to encourage more people into the profession. We also believe it could lead to improvements in patient safety. However, the addition of further professions to our register is a matter for the Government. Should they agree to the statutory regulation of sonographers, we would welcome them to our Register.

“Whilst not all sonographers are registered with the HCPC, many are registered with us as Radiographers. Anyone who is registered with us must adhere to our standards for their professional skills, knowledge and conduct. These set out what Registrants needs to know and understand to practise safely and effectively within their profession and our expectations of their behaviours, including for example ensuring that the safety and well-being of service users and patients is prioritised.”

Page updated on: 19/11/2020