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Advertising Botox injections on social media

16 Jan 2020

The Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) have launched a new campaign to address the advertising of Botox on social media

As a prescription-only medicine (POM), it is unlawful for Botox or Botox treatments to be advertised in any way to the public. This extends to all media, including social media and on websites, as well as both paid-for advertisements and non-paid-for marketing posts or communications.

Registrants who administer, supply or prescribe Botox, other botulinum toxin injections or any other prescription-only medicine, should therefore ensure they do not directly or indirectly promote or advertise these.

Registrants who currently advertise these services will need to take immediate action to ensure they are compliant with the law and CAP code.

After Friday 31 January, the CAP and ASA will undertake targeted enforcement action to identify posts breaking the rules and seek their removal. Where advertisers are unwilling to comply, this could also lead to referral to the MHRA or HCPC.

For more information, please read the CAP / ASA Enforcement Notice.

You can also read further information on the law on advertising POMs on our medicines and prescribing rights page.

Page updated on: 20/01/2020