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Countdown to transfer of social worker regulation to Social Work England

20 Nov 2019

On 2 December 2019, the regulation of social workers in England will transfer from HCPC to Social Work England.

As we approach this date both regulators are working together to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. This includes sharing information and careful handovers of live fitness to practise cases and the regulation of education programmes.

What do social worker registrants need to do?

Because all registration details will be transferred over to Social Work England automatically, there is no need for registered social workers to do anything.

On 2 December, the social work register will appear on Social Work England’s website and any registrant queries, information updates and concerns will need to be raised with them. 

Social Work England will also be in touch with all registrants within a few weeks of the transfer to welcome them to their register and to ask them to set up an online account.

Any questions?

Our social worker web page covers questions people may have, including how to raise a concern. Social Work England’s website also covers their standards and their transition pages cover questions regarding fees and ways of working following the transfer. 

As the HCPC continues to be the regulator until the transfer, anyone raising a concern about a social worker in England should contact us as they normally would.

Page updated on: 20/11/2019