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Independent and supplementary prescribing for paramedics

03 Apr 2018

New legislation has come into force to allow advanced paramedics to prescribe medicines to patients.

As of 1 April, paramedics will be able to undertake training in independent and supplementary prescribing. Paramedics who undertake and successfully complete an approved prescribing programme will have their HCPC registration annotated to record their ability to practice as a prescriber.

This means that paramedics will be able to prescribe medicines for their patients immediately and without the need for the patient to see a GP. It also means that paramedics who for example work in an A&E department will also be able to prescribe medicines.

Education providers will now be able to admit paramedics to HCPC approved prescribing programmes. However, any education provider wishing to start a new prescribing programme will still need seek approval from HCPC before any learners commence.

Finally, please note that we are currently upgrading our registrant system to include the new annotation for paramedics. This work is scheduled for completion in September 2018. Once complete, our online Register will display the annotation for paramedic registrants who have successfully completed an approved prescribing programme.

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Page updated on: 21/11/2018