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MyHCPCStandards workshop webinar and live Q&A


Tuesday 07 July, 2020




The MyHCPCStandards workshops are a new programme of events for registrants, which will offer the opportunity to learn more about the HCPC standards of conduct, performance and ethics and how to apply them to your everyday practice. This digital webinar will provide a pre-recorded video presentation and offer an opportunity to ask any questions to our experts online on our live Q&A platform. It will take place on Tuesday 7 July from 10pm to 10:30pm.

You will learn about our latest research and learn what it means to be a health and care professional today. The programme will expand on those areas that are most challenging. Of course, any insight these conversations provide and you reflect on, can be logged as part of your continuing professional development (CPD).

Please visit this YouTube link to access the live stream on Tuesday 7 July. f you have any questions please email