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August 2023

Supporting employees with the updated standards of proficiency

In this edition, we focus on supporting employers with the HCPC updated standards of proficiency. We have been encouraging registrants to spend time, before 1 September, considering the adaptations or changes they may need to make to their practice in order to meet the standards. As managers and employer play a key role in this process, we bring together ideas, examples and resources to help you provide effective support to your employees.

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April 2023

Understanding fitness to practise

In this edition we've brought together resources on fitness to practise (FTP) that are specially designed for employers - including how to support an employee going through the proceedings and what our updated standards of proficiency say about FTP. We've also included some useful resources and information from across our website.

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October 2022

Understanding supervision

In this edition we bring together insights from NHS Education for Scotland and the British Psychological Society, our own existing resources and support, and webinar dates for your diary. 

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June 2022

Managing Concerns

In this edition we focus on managing concerns about employees and developing a just and learning culture.

You can find the most up to date information on our employer hub.

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July 2021

Equality, diversity and inclusion insights for employers

In this edition we focus on equality, diversity and inclusion, sharing different examples and information to help you support employees from different backgrounds and ensure they feel safe, valued and included.

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March 2021

Health and wellbeing insights for employers

In this edition we focus on health and wellbeing, sharing different employer examples and mental health services, and information to help you support employees through and after these difficult times.

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August 2020

An update for employers of HCPC registrants on regulatory activity

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our main objective has been to continue to fulfil our public protection role, ensure the health of our employees, and provide flexibility and support to our registrants.

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April 2020

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter for employers of HCPC registrants

In this edition we focus on COVID-19 and how you can support employees, including our temporary registrants – former registrants and students – who may have been employed to expand your workforce during this time.

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November 2019

Welcome to our newsletter for employers of HCPC registrants

In this edition, we invite you to visit the Employer hub we have created for you.

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