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We require education providers to submit electronic pass lists

Pass lists are used in our UK approved programme application process. If you have any questions about pass lists, please contact our Registration Department by email.

Pass lists from education providers

You must submit pass lists for approved programmes to confirm that applicants to the Register have completed an approved programme.

The application form for entry to the Register requires applicants to provide details of the name of the approved programme completed, along with the name of the education provider, and the start and end dates of their programme. We then cross reference this information against the pass list to progress their application. This process allows us to safeguard against fraudulent applications for registration.

How pass lists must be submitted

We only accept electronic versions of pass lists which have been completed using our pass list template. The completed pass list must only contain the details of those students who have passed the programme. Pass lists can be submitted from any named individual at an education provider.

You should email to request a pass list template in the first instance. We will provide you with the template and instructions on how to fill it out and secure it correctly.

When to submit a pass list

Education providers submit pass lists to us when they are satisfied that all their award requirements have been fully met. We recognise that education providers all operate differently, and that programmes start and end on different dates, and different mechanisms for assessing and notifying students of their results exist. Therefore we can accept pass lists at any time throughout the year.

Pass lists and registration

We are unable to process applications for registration without pass lists, so failure to submit them will result in applicants experiencing delays in their registration. This will affect their ability to use the relevant protected title. Therefore education providers should submit their pass lists as soon as practically possible to prevent any delays in registration.

Page updated on: 13/06/2018