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Information sharing with professional bodies

23 Jan 2023

One of the core principles of our quality assurance approach is to use data and intelligence in our decision-making

We work with professional bodies as key stakeholders to inform the work we each do in the education quality assurance and enhancement space. 

When developing our quality assurance model, we established a forum for the HCPC and professional bodies to support and assure high-quality education and training in the HCPC-regulated professions. 

We are now working to establish more formal information sharing arrangements, with the aim to be able to dovetail regulatory and professional body processes. This moves us along from chance encounters around a table at education providers to a more structured way of sharing information about assessments.  

This should enable the regulator and professional body to provide a more joined-up approach through assessments and reduce the burden for education providers. 

There is much to do in this area, including working through formal agreements where they are needed. While we are not committing to a significant change overnight, we are taking the first steps to achieve our ambitions. 

Page updated on: 23/01/2023