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Implementing our new quality assurance model - what you need to know

25 Jun 2021

We are approaching the implementation of our new quality assurance model from September 2021.

We are currently in the final of three pilot cycles. Through pilot activities, we have learned a lot from our stakeholders, which has helped us develop the model and plan rolling out to providers. 

It is particularly important that you understand the following:

  • The new quality assurance model is fundamentally different to our current approach
  • You will engage differently with the HCPC’s Education function from September
  • We will continue to approve and monitor programmes that lead to registration
  • Your engagement should be less burdensome and more meaningful
  • In the scale up period (now until December) we will need some help from you to:
    • understand your provision
    • plan how we work with you in the most efficient way

Further information about the model can be found on our dedicated web resource.

Timelines and actions

  • Continue engaging with existing HCPC processes
  • Consider what internal changes are needed to engage with the new model
  • Consider who your 'accountable people' (person with overall responsibility for your institution's interactions) might be
  • Definition of ‘programme clusters’ (packaging programmes together which are managed together) and accountable people
  • New approval process commences
  • The major change and annual monitoring processes stop running
  • First providers to engage with the portfolio based monitoring exercise identified
  • Model fully implemented

Please watch out for further communication with actions needed through the scale-up period. 

Page updated on: 22/06/2021