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Aligned end point assessments for degree apprenticeships

26 Mar 2021

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IAFTE) are currently preparing to simplify how end-point assessment (EPA) works for apprenticeships where a statutory regulatory has an established and quality assured programmes leading to registration. 

In situations where an apprentice has met the statutory regulator’s requirements to practice, this will be counted as that apprentice’s end point assessment, making use of robust assessment where it already exists to ensure that EPA is best serving employers and apprentices, and protects public funds.   

In practice, this will mean the decision regarding the EPA is embedded within the role of the body which convenes to award the final qualification.  

This should simplify matters for education providers delivering HCPC approved apprenticeship programmes and welcome the work the IAFTE have done to introduce this change.

Changing your apprenticeship programme 

We expect that you will want to change your programme curriculum and assessment to reflect the new arrangements put in place by the IAFTE, particularly where the EPA currently has credit value attached to it.  Iyou need to make significant changes how you meet our standards as a result, please submit a major change.  However, we expect that most providers will instead be able to reflect on this development of your apprenticeship provider as part of your next scheduled monitoring submission in the future.   

Please visit the IAFTE website for more information about this and which professions have been approved to align the EPA within the occupational standard. 

Please visit the IAFTE website for more information about aligned end-point assessments.
Page updated on: 30/03/2021