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Reviewing our education quality assurance approach: next steps

03 Apr 2020

Following the green light from our Education and Training Committee, we have started work to further develop our approval and annual monitoring processes.

  • For our approval process, we plan to develop the existing pre-visit process to embed institutional and programme level assessments. This should allow us to establish and understand institution level baselines that we can use when assessing furure proposals. It will also allow for approval visits themselves to be focused on programme level issues.
  • For the annual monitoring process, we plan to undertake a fundamental shift in approach towards provider self-reflection, key risks and challenges, institution wide assessment, and an assessment of key data measures.

We hope to develop these proposals over the summer, with pilots being undertaken in the 2020-21 academic year. We will work with key stakeholders, including education providers, when developing our approach.

We also have longer-term aspirations to incorporate existing data from across the education sector to inform a more risk-based quality assurance approach. This will require time and investment, and proper consideration in some form of data strategy across the HCPC. We plan to explore this area further, to understand the costs and benefits, to consider whether we can incorporate into the way we operate as an organisation. 

Page updated on: 06/04/2020