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HCPC Education - The next 12 months

16 Sep 2020

In the 2020-21 academic year, your interactions with the HCPC will start to change, as we begin piloting our new quality assurance model.

Developing our model with your input

As part of our pilot activity, some education providers will be identified as ‘early adopters’. This is an exciting opportunity for you to shape our model and how we will work with you in the future. We intend that the model will reduce burden, and add value to your own internal quality assurance and enhancement processes.

If you are interested in becoming a pilot provider, or would like further information, please email

Interactions with HCPC this year 

With our focus on pilot activities, we have paused our annual monitoring audit requirements for the 2020-21 academic year, but will still require you to supply a declaration. We will contact programme leaders by the end of September with more detailed information about our requirements.

If we do not select you as a pilot provider, your interactions with us will not change for the remainder of this academic year. We will keep you updated on the progress to implementing our new QA model at key stages in its development, and will engage with you to ensure you understand what the new model will mean for you in the future.

Page updated on: 23/09/2020