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Standards of education and training: what you need to do

28 Jun 2018

Last summer, we asked all pre-registration programmes to plan how they would meet the revised standards of education and training (SETs). From the 2018–19 academic year, we will assess whether your programme has met these standards via our annual monitoring process.

We will audit half of programmes in 2018–19 and half in 2019–20. Over the summer, we will email all programmes with our annual monitoring requirements. In this email, we will tell you whether you will be required to provide an audit or declaration in 2018–19 and exactly what our evidence requirements will be.

Making changes

From September 2018, we will also consider any major changes that you submit to us against the revised SETs. This only applies if you are making your own changes to your programme. We do not need you to inform us of any changes made only to incorporate the revised SETs, as we will make these judgements through annual monitoring.

New programme leaders

As you may know, we have changed our standard relating to the person with professional responsibility for the programme, sometimes referred to as the ‘programme leader’. This standard now requires you to have a process in place to ensure this person has the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil the role.

From September 2018, we will no longer need to make a judgement about whether this standard continues to be met following a change to this person. However, it is imperative that you inform us of change, so we can update our records and keep relevant individuals informed of our regulatory requirements.

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Page updated on: 22/08/2018