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Deciding whether learners are fit to practise

28 Jun 2018

Our standards of education and training require you to ensure only those that complete programmes are fit to practise. Therefore, you must not qualify an individual that you would not be confident becoming a registrant.

You may have noticed that we are more often requesting confirmation that you considered health and character declarations of learners, either before or during their programme of study.

This is due to us updating our registration health and character policy. As long as declarations have been reviewed by education providers, we can admit individuals to the Register without passing to a Fitness to Practise panel. This saves applicants time when applying and from the data is a proportionate way for us to mitigate this risk at the point of application, underlining the important role that education providers play in deciding whether individuals are fit to practise.

For help with admissions decision in this area, please see our Guidance on health and character, which contains information for education providers in section 6.

Page updated on: 22/08/2018