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Our approach to closing temporary student registration

We would like to take this opportunity to thank students on the COVID-19 temporary register who have willingly put themselves forward to support the health and care service during this pandemic. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  

As we move out of the peak pandemic period, our focus is now on the challenge regarding students returning to studies so that they can successfully complete their programmes. 

To support efforts in this area, we are currently engaged with the sector to understand how we can work towards the closure of temporary registration for final year students.  We believe this will provide clarity regarding the importance that graduates achieve permanent registration with us.  This will ensure individuals enter the workforce as registered health and care professionals in a way which provides the most effective safeguards for public protection going forward.  

As we develop our approach, we also want to ensure we close temporary registration for students in a way which supports them and minimises disruption to health and care services provision.  

We will publish our plan shortly which will include the timescales for closure, the implications of this for students and the wider education, health and care sectors and the support we can provide.

Page updated on: 25/06/2020