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Professional Liaison Service

The HCPC Professional Liaison Service was established in 2020 following a decision to invest in more upstream regulation.

Upstream regulation describes an approach to regulation that is focussed on prevention, partnership and support.

Working in partnership with employers, our new Professional Liaison Service aims to influence and support the development of cultures, working environments and practices that will enable our registrants to embed and achieve high professional standards.

There is no charge for the consultancy support and educational programmes provided by the Professional Liaison Service. We are committed to supporting the professionalism of our registrants and preventing harm.

Our programmes

Professionalism in Practice is a suite of evidence-based workshops and learning sets for registrants, their managers and leadership teams. Delivered at your place of work by our Professional Liaison Consultants, and drawing on our learning from research, intelligence and our fitness to practise work, Professionalism in Practice will:

  1. increase understanding of the impact of working cultures on professional practice, wellbeing and disengagement, and influence the creation of a supportive culture

  2. explore what it means to be a healthcare professional, professional values and behaviours, the key influences in the work environment that allow professionalism to thrive and the impact of unprofessional behaviours.

  3. support and empower staff to speak up and raise concerns and achieve their duty of candor requirements

  4. explore the benefits of and encourage the provision of effective supervision in the workplace

  5. explore when and why behaviour amongst colleagues crosses a boundary and becomes sexual, and the impact of this behaviour on colleagues and patient safety

  6. develop understanding of fitness to practise and encourage greater local resolution, where appropriate, and improved referrals where necessary.

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is programme of webinars and workshops for registrants, which explores the standards and how to achieve and embed them in practice. We work through practical examples of every day ethical and professional challenges.

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Joining the UK Workforce
is a programme of webinars and workshops designed for international registrants who have recently registered with the HCPC. To support the transition to UK practice, we consider some of the ethical issues that registrants may come across in practice or may have encountered already. Registrants are invited to these webinars when they join the HCPC.

Becoming a health and care professional
is a programme delivered to first and final year students on HCPC-approved programmes. We explore the role of the HCPC, our standards and the support we offer to students.

Professional Liaison Consultants


Fiona Campbell

Fiona qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow in 2000. She has worked extensively in NHS Scotland, before moving into Higher Education as a Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in 2013.
Fiona has a career interest in supporting colleagues to develop and embed professionalism and reflective skills in everyday practice. She strongly believes that conversations about professional practice need to happen across career journeys in order to grow as safe, effective and supported practitioners.
Scotland has its own unique health and social care landscape and Fiona is proud to contribute to HCPC’s Professional Liaison Service for Scottish registrants.

Florence-Milliken-Web .jpg

Florence Milliken

Florence qualified as a physiotherapist from The University of Ulster at Jordanstown in 1995 and has worked in the NHS for most of her career. Clinically, her speciality was in musculoskeletal health and Florence believes that, whilst good, up-to-date clinical knowledge and skills are vital, it is one’s attitude towards values, professionalism and accurate self-reflection as these skills are delivered that can bring both a deeper job satisfaction and excellent patient care.
Florence enjoys working as a Professional Liaison Consultant in the HCPC supporting registrants in Northern Ireland in achieving these goals.

Hugh Tregoning-Web.jpg

Hugh Tregoning

Hugh qualified as a physiotherapist in 2008. He has worked in the National Health Service (NHS) in the community, at an acute trust and in the private sector, and also has experience of the challenges of being a self-employed physiotherapist and international development. He has held positions of clinical leadership with a key focus on training, process and service development and quality assurance. Hugh has a special interest in mentoring, leadership, embracing learning from error and analysis of human factors in driving performance. It is his belief that effective professionals and teams are marked more by healthy mindsets than knowing more or having higher levels of skill. Hugh works as the Professional Liaison Consultant for Wales whilst continuing to practice as a physiotherapist in private practice. 


Iain Spink

Iain qualified as a music therapist from Anglia Ruskin University in 2007. He has primarily worked in the NHS in mental health inpatient care settings for older people in Kent and Medway. He has also worked with visually impaired children/young people and in bereavement support for children/young people. Iain has also enjoyed secondment opportunities for the Kent and Medway AHP Faculty: AHP Student Placement Expansion Facilitator and AHP Faculty Lead.
He has a career and research interest in how health and care professionals can contribute to positive workplace culture and practice; his current PhD research investigates the impact of music therapy for care team staff in NHS settings for older people. Iain works as the Professional Liaison Consultant for England. 

How to contact us

You can contact our Professional Liaison Service at:

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