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Who we are and what we do

The HCPC is the statutory regulator of sixteen professions. The HCPC’s function is to set and maintain standards for those professions, with the objective of protecting the public.

Key elements of that statutory function include approving programmes of education and training for the professions and maintaining a register for the sixteen professions which is kept up to date online in real time.

The HCPC is established under the Health and Social Work Professions Order 2001.

The Council

The HCPC is governed by a Council, comprising twelve members appointed in accordance with our legislation.

Council members are required to make a declaration of interests and to disclose any gifts or hospitality which they accept.

The Council has the power to make Rules for various purposes under the 2001 Order.

Organisational structure, employees and recruitment

HCPC’s Executive Management Team comprises the Chief Executive and Registrar and 9 Directors.

Organisational structure
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EMT Chief Executive and RegistrarDirector of CommunicationsDirector of FinanceDirector of Human ResourcesDirector of Information TechnologyDirector of Council and Committee Services Director of EducationDirector of Fitness to PractiseDirector of OperationsDirector of Policy and Standards

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