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Applying for HCPC registration

Everyone who completes an approved programme is required to join our Register before they can practise using one of our legally protected titles.

Completing an approved programme does not automatically guarantee that you will become registered with us. But it does show us you meet our professional standards and so are eligible to apply for registration. You can do this by completing an application form.

Part of this application requires you to make a health declaration. We recognise that a disability may not be seen as a health condition. And we do not need information about any health condition or disability unless it affects your fitness to practise.

For example:

    After successfully completing an approved programme, a dietitian with epilepsy is applying for registration with us.

    He has been taking the same medication for over two years and has not had a seizure during this time. He has made plans for combining work with his condition, which include telling his colleagues and keeping a small supply of medication somewhere safe at work.

    His insight into and understanding and management of his condition means that he is able to sign the declaration to declare that his health condition would not affect his fitness to practise, without telling us any information about his condition.

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    Health, disability and becoming a health and care professional

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