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Canlyniadau chwilio am registration

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My COVID-19 Story - Luke McAndrew

Luke McAndrew is a recent graduate and newly qualified paramedic.

What our investigation would involve

If we decide that a concern is within our remit at the triage stage, we will carry out an initial investigation

Consultation on the revised Guidance on Health and Character

We have undertaken a thorough review of the existing guidance and are seeking the views of our stakeholders on the proposed revision.

Introduction to confidentiality

Confidentiality means protecting personal information, this information might include details of a service user’s lifestyle, family, health or care needs which they want to be kept private

Make a self-referral

Step-by-step process on making a self-referral

The benefits and outcomes of effective supervision

Learn about the benefits that supervision can have for your professional practice and the wider sector

Toolbox or tickbox: how should you use our standards?

What’s the best way to use our standards of conduct, performance and ethics in practice?

Changes to the level of qualification for entry to the Register for paramedics

Information about this change, including how it will affect existing paramedic programmes

Working with professional bodies

How we work with professional bodies when assessing programmes