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Remote supervision

Case study: Raff is a hearing aid dispenser working in independent practice. He has just started running his own business as a sole practitioner in a remote location in the Scottish Highlands.

Supervision FAQs and further resources

This section includes additional resources and FAQs to help you approach supervision and apply this in your practice

Supervision case studies and templates

This section includes case studies and templates to demonstrate how to approach supervision effectively

Approaching supervision

Key principles and factors to consider when approaching supervision in your professional practice

CPD assessors

CPD assessors are current HCPC registrants who assess registrant CPD profiles against the HCPC’s standards

Legal assessors

Legal assessors are legally qualified and provide advice to panels of the HCPC’s statutory committees and Council on questions of law

Panel chairs

Panel chairs oversee a range of independent panels considering fitness to practise allegations

Council appointments

The Council consists of six registrant members, drawn from the professions regulated by HCPC, and six lay members, drawn from a variety of walks of life

Periods of adaptation (POAs)

Information about periods of supervised practice intended to make up for significant shortfalls in an international application

Council members

Biographies of our Council members, including a register of their private interests

Data policy and terms

HCPC's data policy, including details about the information we hold about registrants, plus the terms and conditions for our website