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Canlyniadau chwilio am registration

Yn dangos 46 i 60 o 293 canlyniadau

Once you are on the Register

What happens after your application has been successful and how you stay registered

Applicants with convictions

How to consider applicants with convictions or cautions and make decisions regarding their suitability for registration and ability to provide a professional service for the public. 

Employer hub

Everything you need to support your employees, whether you’re looking for information on the registration process or events to connect with us

Brexit - Information for professionals

Information on the changes to our registration processes from 1 January 2021 and how they might impact the members of HCPC's professions


Employers, including those who manage, supervise or lead the work of HCPC registered professionals, play a key role providing a number of functions, including checking their employees’ registration

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

The ELT has day-to-day responsibility for managing HCPC

Be Sure - check the Register and find a professional

We keep a Register of health and care professionals who meet our standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health

Retention rates of first time HCPC registrants, 2013 to 2018

This report contains the HCPC’s first scientific assessment of the time new HCPC registrants stayed registered for

Leaving the Register

Advice and guidance about coming off the Register

People and departments

Employees work across a variety of departments to support our operations

My story - Nana-Jane Chipampe

Nana-Jane is a registered biomedical scientist currently in the third year of her PhD researching Bladder Cancer.

What it means to make a professional declaration

Your professional declaration confirms that you continue to be fit to practise and meet our standards

How to renew online

You need to make your professional declaration and pay your fee to complete your renewal using your online account

Need help?

How to check the Register to find a professional, and what the results mean

Orthoptist CPD audit (2019)

A total of 37 orthoptists were asked to present their CPD profile for the previous 2017-2019 renewal cycle.