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Canlyniadau chwilio am registration

Yn dangos 196 i 210 o 288 canlyniadau

What's the same

Details on which elements of the revised standards of proficiency remains the same

Supporting former registrants who have worked as part of the COVID-19 recovery

For those who have been practising as part of the COVID-19 recovery, our returning to practice processes will take into account any impact this may have had on the wider healthcare workforce.

Registered professionals

We can only consider concerns about a professional who is registered with us and their fitness to practise effectively

How the standards apply to students

As a student, you should be using the standards of proficiency and standards of conduct, performance and ethics to support your learning

Swiss Mutual Recognition (SMR) applications

Applicants who trained outside the UK and are eligible for SMR must apply through this route, rather than an 'international' application


Material to help registrants understand and meet the updated standards of proficiency.

Top tips for completing your CPD profile if you’re selected for audit

We've compiled a list of top tips to help make the CPD auditing process as smooth as possible.

Organisations that can provide you with support

Helpful resources, including advice and support available from other organisations

Customer service process

Step by step guide on the complaints process

Regulating further professions

How the government decides which professions should be regulated


This section is for applicants who have previously been on the Register and would like to re-join it

Concerns about employees

If a concern is raised about an employee, we may ask you for information as their employer or manager