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What happens after making a declaration?

After you provide information through your application, your renewal or by making a self-referral, a process of investigation will begin. This process differs depending on if you are an applicant or a registrant.

If you have a disability under the terms of the Equality Act 2010 and need us to make reasonable adjustments to this process, please contact us on Freephone: 0800 328 4218. You can read more about the HCPC’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

For applicants and registrants based in Wales, our Welsh Language Scheme makes provision for proceedings in Welsh upon request.

If you are an applicant, the process of investigating and making a finding on your health and character declaration falls to our case officer team.

If you are a registrant, whether you make a declaration during your renewal or you self-refer, your declaration will be handled by our Fitness to Practise team.

It is important to note that while the process is being handled by our Fitness to Practise team, this is not a reflection on the disclosure you have made or an assumption that you are unfit to practice. With all the matters which relate to registrants, we have to determine if the matter is within the scope of the HCPC’s fitness to practise team and the only way we do this is through our investigation process.

We investigate all cases objectively and independently and we will treat you fairly and explain what will happen at each stage of the process.

We assign a case manager to each case. Their role is to manage the case throughout the process and to gather relevant information. The case manager acts as a contact for everyone involved in the case and will keep you up to date with the progress of the investigation. They cannot give you legal advice but they can explain how the process works, what information we require and what panels might consider when making decisions.

Gor more information about the process a case will go through and the possible outcomes, see what happens if a concern has been raised against me?

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