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Each profession has its own standards of proficiency

These standards set the threshold (entry level) requirements for the safe and effective practice for that profession. Your employees must continue to meet these standards as far as they relate to their scope of practice.

A registrant's scope of practice will often develop as they progress their career and become more focused or specialised than that of an ‘entry level’ colleague. Where this is the case, registrants need only meet those standards of proficiency that relate to their current scope of practice.

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Updates to the standards of proficiency

Revised standards for each of the 15 professions came into effect on 1 September 2023.

As an employer or manager of our registrants, it is important that you understand the changes to the standards, and know how you can support them to integrate the new standards into their practice by this date. You can find more information about the changes, and details of each one, on our revisions to the standards pages.

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