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Partners are HCPC registrants, members of the public and legal professionals who contribute their expertise to the HCPC and play important roles in the regulatory process.


We approve and monitor programmes within the UK for the professions we regulate

Updates to the Partner sections of the website

The Partner team has been working with our Communications team to improve our Partner website.

Consultation on the revised Guidance on Health and Character

We have undertaken a thorough review of the existing guidance and are seeking the views of our stakeholders on the proposed revision.

How and why we review the standards

We regularly review the the standards of conduct, performance and ethics to make sure they are relevant to current practice.

Closure of the COVID-19 Temporary Register

The Government has announced that the healthcare professions temporary registers, including the HCPC temporary register, are set to close on 30 September 2022.

Quality assurance principles

The principles underlying our QA processes, including aims

The Indicative Sanctions Policy - the Public's View

Exploring the public’s view on the principles that under-pin the Indicative Sanctions Policy, specifically focusing on general public views towards it


The rules and orders that underpin our organisation

Results of the Partner Satisfaction survey

We launched our first Partner Satisfaction Survey in December 2022 as part of the Partner Newsletter.

Group reflection within a team

Case study: Munira is a physiotherapist working in private practice. She has treated her service user Russel for the last three months after he was involved in a fall at home.