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Course information form and professional qualification certificate

The Course Information Form should be sent to your university or training institution for completion and uploaded as part of your online application

The Course Information Form provides us with details of theoretical and practical content of the courses you have successfully completed.

We will use it to determine whether your qualifications are comparable to our standards of proficiency for the profession you are applying to join.

The information provided should include:

  • details of the course content;
  • the number of theoretical and practical hours for each module or subject; and
  • the assessment methods used.

This information may be taken from a syllabus, but must only include parts of the course which you studied.

The Course Information Form must:

  • bear the stamp or seal of the university or training institution; and
  • include contact details for the course administrator or another appropriate member of staff who may be contacted as part of the verification process.

Making sure your form includes all necessary details and certification as listed above is crucial to avoid any delays in your application process.

Professional qualification certificate

You also need to provide us with details of your relevant training. This is the degree, diploma, or other qualification which enables you to practise your profession outside the United Kingdom.

You must also provide a certified copy of your professional qualification certificate and, where appropriate, a certified copy of an official English translation.

You may also include details of any additional qualifications which you consider relevant to your application in this section.

You do not need to provide details of your general (school) education unless it is directly relevant to your practise as a health and care professional.

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