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Preceptorship for internationally recruited registrants

For HCPC registrants who have come to work in the UK via our international registration route, preceptorship can provide a way to support acculturation to both their new working environment and to living in the UK.

Preceptorship programmes for internationally recruited registrants (either offered specifically to them or as participants on a general programme) can assist them in understanding important cultural differences, for instance on how the UK’s health and care systems operate, and communication and expectation differences of service users in the UK compared to those of their home countries.

It can also help them in meeting their regulatory obligations, which may be very different to those in place where they trained or qualified.

The HCPC offers ‘Joining the UK workforce’ webinars and workshop for international registrants, designed to support their transition to UK practice. More information is available from the HCPC Professional Liaison Service.

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