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Focus on being a preceptor

The details below expand on the delivery elements of preceptorship principle 4

Principle 4 - Preceptor role

The preceptor role is a fundamental part of effective preceptorship. Preceptors should have appropriate training, time and support to understand and perform their role.

Preceptors do not need to be from the same profession as preceptees but should be the most appropriate individual to provide support. 

In effective preceptorship, preceptors should:

a) act as a professional role model and be supportive, constructive and compassionate in their approach;

b) help to facilitate multi-professional aspects of preceptorship where appropriate;

c) support preceptees to reflect on their development and signpost to relevant support and development opportunities;

d) support preceptees to engage with their wider profession, and help build networks locally or through external professional networks;

e) share effective practice and learn from each other;

f) be encouraged to see the personal and professional benefit of taking on the role of preceptor; and

g) have access to feedback on the quality and impacts of all aspects of their work as preceptors.


What this means in practice for HCPC registrants

  • Registrants should be offered opportunities to be preceptors and be supported to take up the role, including having access to appropriate training, allocated time and support to fulfil the role.
  • Registrants should consider being a preceptor as a component of their CPD portfolio, adding new skills and experience that can benefit their practice.
  • Preceptorship programmes should provide arrangements for registrants undertaking the role of preceptor to share their experiences and learning with each other, and with their professional bodies.

Supporting delivery of preceptorship principles

The details below expand on the delivery elements of the preceptorship principles, and are provided to support preceptees, preceptors, and those running and evaluating preceptorship programmes. 

  1. Focus on creating a good culture
  2. Focus on ensuring high quality
  3. Focus on being a preceptee
  4. Focus on being a preceptor
  5. Focus on tailoring outputs
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