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Canlyniadau chwilio am registration

Yn dangos 526 i 540 o 584 canlyniadau

Toolbox or tickbox: how should you use our standards?

What’s the best way to use our standards of conduct, performance and ethics in practice?

What our investigation would involve

If we decide that a concern is within our remit at the triage stage, we will carry out an initial investigation

The benefits and outcomes of effective supervision

Learn about the benefits that supervision can have for your professional practice and the wider sector

Why employers should respond to the consultation on proposed changes to HCPC’s English language requirements

HCPC Policy Manager Tom Miller explains the proposals we are making and why it is especially important to hear from employers and managers of HCPC registrants, who have experience of how the current arrangements are working.

Consultation on the revised Guidance on Health and Character

We have undertaken a thorough review of the existing guidance and are seeking the views of our stakeholders on the proposed revision.

Applicants with health condition

A look at the responsibilities of, and resources for, education providers concerned about the impact of a student's health condition on their ability to practice.

Why aren’t more professions regulated?

Responding to discussions among our registrants, here’s some background on why some titles are regulated and others not.


The standards of proficiency for biomedical scientists

The standards of proficiency that biomedical scientists must meet in order to join, and remain on, the HCPC Register. 

The standards of proficiency for chiropodists / podiatrists

The standards of proficiency that chiropodists / podiatrists must meet in order to join, and remain on, the HCPC Register.