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Canlyniadau chwilio am registration

Yn dangos 481 i 495 o 584 canlyniadau


Material to help registrants understand and meet the updated standards of proficiency.

Joint statement on the closure of the COVID-19 Temporary Register

A joint statement from the Chief Professional Officers and Advisers, and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to those on the Temporary Register.

Top tips for completing your CPD profile if you’re selected for audit

We've compiled a list of top tips to help make the CPD auditing process as smooth as possible.

Organisations that can provide you with support

Helpful resources, including advice and support available from other organisations

Regulating further professions

How the government decides which professions should be regulated

Concerns about employees

If a concern is raised about an employee, we may ask you for information as their employer or manager

CPD evidence

How you might supply evidence of what you've undertaken

Attending meetings

Council, committee and public liaison group meetings are public so anyone can attend

The standards of proficiency for clinical scientists

The standards of proficiency that clinical scientists must meet in order to join, and remain on, the HCPC Register.