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Introducing our new online international application process

11 Ebr 2022

From today, 11 Apr 2022, our international application process will be completely online. Applicants will be able to submit all their details through an online form, making this stage of the process quicker and easier. This will replace the current paper-based system for international applications, except for:

  • Applicants who have already started a paper application form. They will still be able to send it in, and we’ll still process it according to our service levels.
  • Applicants from Switzerland. They will need to apply via our Swiss Mutual Recognition (SMR) route, which requires its own paper form. This can be accessed through our website, along with the guidance for the paper form.
  • Applicants who have refugee status. They will need to request the paper form and guidance. Information on how to do this is in the international applications section of our website.

We have experienced increasing numbers of international applications over the last couple of years.

The move is part of a wider drive to streamline our registration system and make it more customer friendly and efficient. We are also planning to move our UK application process online. This should come into effect in Summer 2022, before we receive the highest number of UK applications.

Taking this process online will reduce the time it takes to submit an application and improve the experience for applicants. The process was piloted with a small number of applicants over the last couple of months, and we would like to thank all participants for their time.

The new form is supported by updated guidance, available via the international applications section of our website. Applicants still need to read this, as well as the standards of proficiency for their profession, the standards of conduct, performance and ethics and the standards for CPD, before submitting their application. All other application requirements remain the same.

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