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Using your online account

As part of on-going improvements to our registration system, we have launched a new online account for registrants.

Based on feedback we have simplified the process for logging into your account, while also ensuring your information is secure by using a familiar two-factor verification process.

Activating your account

You will now be able to access the online registrant portal using your correspondence email address which you use for your HCPC registration.

To use your account for the first time, you’ll need to activate it.

Already activated?

If you have activated your portal account and have previously submitted your CPD profile online, you can log in direct by using your same log in credentials.

Click here to log in to the system

New and improved features

Easier to renew online

Renewing online is now available to all registrants. You can now:

  • Set up a new direct debit instructions electronically.
  • Provide information of any health and character declarations being made at renewal. Please ensure you attach relevant supplementary information about your health and character declarations to ensure your renewal is complete.
  • Declare that you will need to complete returners to practice activities as part of your renewal.

Request for a change of name and/or change of gender

You will need to upload relevant proof to make this change and this will be reviewed and subsequently approved by our Registration Department.

Request for Voluntary De-registration

Voluntary de-registration will be automatic as long as you are not undergoing any fitness to practice processes. Please ensure that you update your personal details on the portal so that they are current, as we may use these details to contact you if you are due a refund.

Submit your CPD profile online

If you are selected for a CPD audit, you will now be able to submit your audit information within this registrant portal.

Further information

Having trouble with your online account

For assistance with your online account, please contact our Registration Appeals team.

Tel: 44 (0)300 500 4472 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)

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