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How to make a request

Requests must be in writing and include your name and contact details

Data policy and terms

HCPC's data policy, including details about the information we hold about registrants, plus the terms and conditions for our website

Keeping information safe

You need to take all reasonable steps to protect information about service users. By ‘reasonable steps’, we mean that you need to take sensible, practical measures to make sure that you keep the information safe.

FAQs on record keeping

We get many questions about record keeping from registrants. This page runs through the most common questions and signposts to other sources of advice

Commonly asked record-keeping questions, answered

Katherine Timms, Head of Policy and Standards at the HCPC, answers the most common questions we receive from registrants about record keeping

Freedom of information statistics

Our Freedom of information compliance statistics are published on a quarterly basis

Can I do that? Thinking through your scope of practice

Our guidance says you should use your “professional judgement” to come to decisions about what is and is not within your scope of practice (the limit of your skills, knowledge and experience). But what does this “professional judgement” look like in practice?

What happens after making a declaration?

About the investigation process, which begins after a declaration is made. 

My COVID-19 story - Stewart Mears

Stewart is a locum ODP currently working at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust