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Supporting those returning to practice

Supporting those returning to practise

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure that former registrants who are choosing to return to practise are supported and receive the information they need to practise safely.

Former registrants may not have up to date skills, knowledge and experience for all areas of practise. You should, therefore, establish their current level of skill, knowledge and experience when determining what work they can undertake and the support and supervision they need.

Former registrants entered on the temporary register who chose to enter the workforce and practise under their professional title are expected to meet their Standards of conduct, performance and ethics and their Standard of proficiency, as far as they relate to their scope of practice. They are also expected to practice within their own scope of practise.

It is crucial they receive an induction and training on COVID-19 infection and prevention control and they understand their responsibilities in this regard before they begin to practise. Our Managing risk: infection prevention and control information leaflet will help. NHS have also introduced mandatory training for returning staff.

We will be adding further information on applying our Standards during this time and so please ensure all your AHP staff are aware of these and can access them. They are located on our COVID-19 hub here.

Our frequently asked questions for can be found here.

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