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Canlyniadau chwilio am registration

Yn dangos 91 i 105 o 293 canlyniadau

Customer feedback

As an organisation, our aim is to provide the best customer service we can for all our registrants and stakeholders

After you've applied

What happens after you submit your application and what you'll need to do when you're registered


What to do if your application to the Register has been refused

Being selected for audit

When CPD audits happen and what you'll need to do if selected

Step 2 - Complete your renewal information

Complete your professional declaration and submit your equality monitoring information if you haven’t shared this previously

How we contact you

Information on how we contact you and protecting yourself against fraud

Applying for readmission

How to apply for readmission to the Register, including application forms and information about the process and fees

My story - Barira Saad

Registered dietitian Barira Saad provides an insight into the HCPC international application process.

Reviewing our approach

Those on the COVID-19 Temporary Register have until 2 October 2023 to complete and submit a declaration form to be able to remain on the COVID-19 Temporary Register until the 31 March 2024.

Practising outside the UK

What to do if you're planning on practising abroad

Short readmission

This short readmission process is for registrants who lapse and are rejoining the Register within one month