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Where can you go for more information?

05 Gor 2019

We’ve developed new Meeting our standards pages

We speak to registrants a lot about the issues and challenges you face in daily practice. Rest assured, you’re not the only one asking questions about your scope of practice, approach to record keeping, or prescribing rights.

In order to help you understand these sometimes challenging areas, we’ve started to put more information online.

You’ll already be familiar with our Standards of conduct, performance and ethics which provide the ethical framework for your practice, and the Standards of proficiency which are the standards you must meet to register and renew your registration.

Our Meeting our standards pages provide a central hub for all the guidance we provide to help you in practice, and include support such as our Guidance on confidentiality or Social media guidance.

So what’s new?

To help you further, we’ve produced information sheets on areas registrants frequently ask for help with. These include topics such as scope of practice and record keeping. These help tease out the more challenging considerations you need to take in day-to-day practice, in a straightforward way.

What’s next?

We’re not stopping here.

We’re planning to provide more information sheets, tailored to your needs. We are currently planning to develop information on reflective practice, so you are clear how this relates to your day-to-day practice, and your continuing professional development.

We will continue to monitor the queries we receive and the questions you ask us at events to make sure our resources are helpful to you, and provide you with information on key areas of concern.

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